The spiritual path, this awakening is not a sudden, in a “twinkling of an eye” experience. That can happen and it does happen for some people. However, for the most part and the growth we experience is a gradual awakening, many shifts, moment to moment realizations. Also, it can often take several years after you’ve opened to new consciousness or had a spiritual insight for this to become a part of you that you can express and embody in your daily life.  For most people change comes gradually and in a very natural way. So be patient. Be kind to yourself.

All the rewards of the spiritual life are abundance in all areas of life. It means more peace, more harmony, more love, and a greater sense of well being for more harmonious relationships.

You find changes in the material world and yet it’s not the very aim of spiritual life.  You don’t draw these things to you by going after them directly. It is an inside-out approach which is being taught in law of attraction coaching from Christy. Manifestations are rewards, a gift from the Universe.  They are by-products of living and expressing and embodying the light and the love that you are.  

On the other hand, don’t expect that you’ll never have issues come up… Don’t feel and say that “Oh, I failed as old patterns come up”. Do not force yourself to change, instead forgive yourself for the past as you deepen your connection to your divine self. Forgiving is an opportunity for you to correct a learning experience. In Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman we will learn how to use difficult life experiences to manifest brighter future.

Becoming more aware of old patterns that seem to be still occurring is normal and is a sign that you’re moving into a higher awareness. Embrace these patterns as you see them arise within you and around you.  Knowing that this is your chance to change and evolve them. This is how you embody illumination of your divine self and allow it to transform your life.

In Quantum Success Coaching Academy by Christy Whitman, we will learn that applying the universal laws doesn’t mean that life will be forever perfect, or any past issues of insecurities, lack or unworthiness will be gone forever.  Instead, we will be enlightened that growth, our happiness and success depend largely on our beliefs and attitudes.

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