There is a principle in Quantum Physics that states all time is simultaneous.  What that means is, unless we deliberately release them, all emotions from our past positive and negative will remain part of our energetic point of attraction influencing both the present moment in determining the future that we are in the process of creating.  Learn more about this principle in QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy).

So how do we know if the past is having a negative impact on our present and therefore our future?  

  1. The way we feel.

Dwelling too much or getting too caught up on the past is what psychologists call the “analysis paralysis” can itself become a habit and a hindrance to moving forward.  The only time the past has become significant is when it’s affecting our ability to create in the present.  

If we encounter the same types of obstacles over and over or something in the present time triggers old emotions or brings back memories that are still unsettled or unhealed, these are warning that we are transmitting in our present vibrational energies that are rooted in the past.

  1. The outcomes we produce.

As long as we are unaware of the influence that the past has on our future we remain powerless to change it and find ourselves wondering why we continue to create more of the same.

Rather than simply recycling the past, QSCA Christy Whitman will help us connect with “the it” and “the all” that we desire, and establish an energetic relationship with it to literally live in the future experience.  

Therefore, by releasing the old energy we shift our present vibrational set point and create a clearing for new possibilities to arise.  There exists no predetermined future for any of us.  We all have thousand of possibilities future self and anyone can bring a life through the power that we focus on.  During the QSCA Programs, you’ll discover the three-step process to connect with your future self who already has everything you want.

Moreover, Christy Whitman and other qsca certified coaches will guide us in the process of releasing unwanted emotional energy from the past and consciously shifting it with the quality of energy that we do want to permeate our lives. This one shift ushers in a new vibrational set point and therefore an entirely new future experience.

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