We are told to trust.  But the key to trust is—trusting yourself first.  So what is trust and how do you do it?

  • Trust is opening your heart, believing in yourself and in the abundance of the universe.
  • Trust is knowing that the universe is loving, gracious and supports your higher good.
  • Trust affects our relationship with ourselves, and how we feel about ourselves.
  • Trust affects our relationships with others and how we feel about them.
  • Trust affects our relationship with the universe and how safe we feel.
  • Trust consists of hope, belief and reliance.
    1. Hope is an expression of an abundant presence alive with possibility and potential–the primary step in trusting.
    2. Belief is the second aspect and is an attitude based upon an opinion held with conviction.
    3. Reliance is taking action and acting from a basis of hope and belief.

Trust is a subtle balance between the three. You’re constantly taking action on your unique beliefs and your special quality of hope. QSCA Christy Whitman will thoroughly explain these aspects in Life Coach Training with QSCA.

We always trust ourselves to some extent; we just need to develop and improve it. Where are you weak? Is it your level of hope, belief or the reliance of hope or belief?  A Certified Quantum Success Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) can provide us ideas and insights where trust is ought to be applied.

When you apply trust where it doesn’t belong, you will come away with no greater sense of trust. So look closely at the areas in your life. Look at where you DO trust and where don’t you trust. And the places you don’t trust, what can you do to improve? Do you need a new sense of hope? Do you need to shift a belief? (We will learn to identify negative and limiting beliefs and transform these beliefs into powerful affirmations to support our expansion through qsca coaching program with Christy Whitman life coach). And lastly, how can you display reliance by taking action towards that new level of trust?

Trust connects the mental world and the physical world; it offers continuity during the time that elapses between formation of an idea and its manifestation. Trust your higher self to bring you the right things at the right time.

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