What is your perception about your life today? What is perception? And how is our perception the manifestation of our lives?  

Perception is the way that you think about or understand someone or something. It is the way that you see or understand something using one of your senses. Perception is how each one of us personally looks at and interprets our reality.  We have our own opinion and our own perception.  The way we perceive the things of life is the determining factor what we ultimately become.  The way we perceive the world that we live in affects the world that we experience.  

We were planted like a seed in the garden and we were influenced by the environment (perception) that we were raised in. But now that we are adults, we can choose the perception that we want.  You can choose to look at life as you want to see life.  Through qsca coaching program, we will learn to change the way we perceive things.  We will understand the universal laws through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman and learn choose to look at the universe and everything in it as abundant and with that perception you create that as a reality.  

What you are sending out you are getting back, that’s how the law of Attraction works (like attracts like).  So if we are trapped in our perceptions of things that are based in lack that is what we will see.  So be ready to change your perception, start seeing the entire universe as abundant and from that perspective that will be what you create in your reality.  Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman will teach us to align and fine-tune our thoughts with the unlimited abundance of the universe.

What we choose to look at, how we choose to feel, how we choose to think all comes from our perceptions.  The perceptions that are of abundance fee good to us and the perception of lack feel horrible.  So the choice is yours!

Your feelings of success and your experiences of success and abundance depend on your positive perception of yourself and your life and of course the universe from which success and abundance comes from. Learn to work with the universal laws through qsca certified coaches.

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