When you procrastinate, you beat yourself up.  You criticize yourself and say “I should have done this earlier.”  So we do all this beating ourselves up and it’s an opportunity if you are in the pattern of chaos and drama, if you’re in the pattern of self pity.  This thing called self-pity is a learned behavior, something that we may have learned from our parents.  Self-pity is literally an addiction where you continue to feel sorry for yourself, it makes us not take responsibility for our lives and really step into our full power. In quantum life coaching with a Certified Quantum Success Coach we will be trained to connect deeply with ourselves to determine how we are doing and what we feel.

Procrastination comes because we don’t feel like doing it.  So when you’re in the place of I’m going to put it off.  I know a deadline is coming.  Just watch what happens and this is the way to break the energy of this. If you do the pattern of procrastination and then you get to that place where now you’re in a rush.  Maybe you’re putting off everything to the last minute and then you’re hysterical and say “why did I wait so long?” It’s a pattern of wanting that frenetic energy; it’s a pattern of needing that chaos because it’s probably what you were used to. It’s probably what you were raised with, but now as an adult you have a choice. We can choose the perception that we want.  You can choose to look at life as you want to see life.  Through qsca coaching program, we will learn to change the way we perceive things and choose to look at the universe and everything in it as abundant and with that perception you create that as a reality.   

So procrastination is something that you have control over and it’s your perspective. If you know you have a habit of it, you have the power to change it and make a choice.  You don’t have to beat yourself up anymore; you don’t have to put things off because you’re dreading it. Change the perspective of what you’re dreading and then you come back into alignment and you naturally want to take inspired action.  QSCA Christy Whitman will teach us to align and fine-tune our thoughts with the unlimited abundance of the universe. Take away from this procrastination.  Don’t do it later, do it now.

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