What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration?  Where does inspiration come from? Do you feel you need motivation?

Motivation is coming from without.   It is making yourself do something you don’t really want to do, because if you don’t do it, then there’ll be an adverse effect or negative consequence.  

Inspiration is coming from within, from a much deeper higher place.  It is having the clear picture or vision of what you really want to do and allow the Universe to come into play to get the result. In QSCA Coaching Program in collaboration with a Certified Quantum Success Coach, we will be able to understand and apply the laws of the Universe to help us realize our dreams more quickly and easily.  

Inspiration actually means in spirit, when you are in a place of being aligned with your creative self, you’re in one accord with your Divine Self, and that you get that spark of inspiration that creative idea.  You don’t let any negativity or doubts to interfere; you just stay open and inspired to take action from that place.  It’s like things just open up and things flow through because it’s all being created from that spirit place first and then being born into the world.  

Some individuals don’t seem to have that connection with their inspiration.  They’re not connected and in alignment with their Higher self, but they need to get some things done.  So they have to motivate themselves, that’s where motivation is needed. However, you don’t have to compel yourself to do anything; you don’t have to get yourself motivated; you don’t have to talk to yourself up to get off the couch to go do something  if you will learn and apply the Manifestation Equation (get clear, align yourself and take action). QSCA Christy Whitman of Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program will help us work in conjunction with the Manifestation Equation to work in the realm of inspiration and to create our ideal conditions in any aspects of our life with more fun and ease.

The best way to create anything you want is having that inspiration and then taking the action from that inspired place.  qsca certified coaches can direct and help us connect and align with our Divine Self and  become a deliberate creator working with the Universe.

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