Unless we learn how to release traumatic experiences, they can become such a prominent presence in our minds, in our emotions and energy fields that they actually become part of our identity and part of how we think about ourselves.  The incident might have happened years ago, but because the energy of it is still active within us, it continues to affect our present experience.

So how can we let go of a traumatic experience that’s haunting us? Let’s discuss briefly. We will learn the detailed process through law of attraction coaching from Christy.

  1. Trauma is very subjective.

This is because everything in this universe is relative and each of us has unique set of values and desires.  So it’s crucial not to judge the severity of anybody else’s experience of the trauma. Sometimes an event that seems insignificant is experienced as traumatic because it triggers a memory of an earlier trauma.  So if you judge your response to it or you tell yourself you just get over it, you will only add another layer of resistance that keeps the emotion in place.

  1. Work at the deepest level of your being.

There are various levels of our being where we experience trauma and only by working at the deepest of these levels can we really release it. Unless we address the energy blockage that lies at the root of the emotion, it will stay with us at an energetic level. Painful emotions have effects on our physical body. It may emerge as a muscle cramp or a heavy hearty, but the origin of all these experiences and the place we need to focus in order to release them is in our solar plexus or emotional center which is about an area about two inches above your belly button. Once you have recognized the trauma that you want to release, you can begin to close your eyes and focus on your solar plexus, and then use your breath to connect with the experience of what happened at the level of energy. Allow yourself to feel the pulsation of it without judging it or trying to control it.  Just allow it to be, recognizing that all of it is energy. If it’s a feeling of loss or betrayal, just allow yourself to feel that energy of that emotion. As the wave of that energy begins to dissipate allow yourself to feel the emotion you would like to experience in that situation. You will be guided in this process in quantum life coaching with Christy certified LOA life coach.

In Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, we will learn to make internal shifts in the energy that we are sending out in any situation in order to attract experiences, people and situations that resonate in harmony with that frequency. 

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