Many people do not know the art of self-love (the art of celebrating yourself), because it doesn’t happen naturally. It is a skill and something that you have to learn and master to give to yourself. Through Christy Whitman coaching, we will be provided with a system to practice self-love on a daily basis. As the day passes by, we will get better and better by following qsca Christy Whitman system.

“It’s hard to give ourselves what we need.  We spend so much time and energy trying to balance work and family that we forget to factor ourselves in.” Geneen Roth said in her article, What are you waiting for?

Should you need to hear a frightening diagnosis to start thinking about your own life?  Should it really take a wake-up call to get us to reorder our lives?  God forbid!

Take the time you have now to look at your own needs through new eyes before reality compels you to. Do you love yourself? Do you enjoy yourself? Do you have a good time by yourself? Do you honor yourself? Do you stop and recognize all the greatness you are and contribute in this world? Listen to your longings. With the right thoughts, the right attitude and the right perspective, anything can be a chance to love YOU.

Loving yourself means actively taking care of every part of YOU. It means celebrating yourself. It will raise your vibration and expand you. It will empower you, it will give you more confidence in creating something else in your life. And, it changes you biochemically.

Remember, when you start giving to yourself that is when the rest of the world will give to you! Love and celebrate yourself and witness how others celebrate you too!

What are you waiting for?  Learn to love and celebrate yourself now!  Let’s celebrate together with QSCA Christy Whitman and Geneen Roth in the upcoming episode of the Quantum Success Show.

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