Working with the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws isn’t “just think positive”.  We need to dig deeper.  We need to connect with ourselves; we need to connect with our emotions.  We will learn to connect deeply with our emotions and be guided by the wisdom they hold through QSCA Coaching Program with qsca certified coaches.

Thinking positive is very powerful when our energy is in alignment.  But if you have any resistance about something and you “just think positive”, you are still sending out an energetic vibration based on your feelings and not your thoughts. You’re not truly going to engage and work with Universal laws.  We will be trained to connect and send out vibration that will help us create what we want through Life Coach Training with QSCA.

When you find an emotion that feels good, ride it.  Just allow yourself to feel that feeling. Allow it to flow through your blood and your veins. Get rooted in it, generate that energy that you want to feel, whether its success, or joy, or freedom. In Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program, we will fully understand the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws and apply them correctly to achieve our heart’s desire.  

However, if you’re moving about your day and suddenly you feel a negative emotion— Stop!  Ask yourself, “What is this emotion I am feeling? “ “I am feeling agitated.  Alright, what I am agitated about?”   Perhaps you just have to take a couple of deep breaths and get centered back into the present moment.  Or maybe there’s a thought process there that you need to follow back (qsca Christy Whitman can help and guide you in this process).

Thinking positive is our natural way of being, but just thinking positively isn’t enough, it is not the complete solution and answer to creating what we want.   It’s an aspect of it, but it organically comes from when you’re feeling good.  When you’re feeling good and you’re in alignment, you naturally think positively.  When you clean up your past and you are connecting to the future, you automatically think positive.

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