If one day you come to realize that you are no longer happy with your present job, you wish you could have the new job right away in a snap of your fingers. If we had the magic to do this, we would actually be depriving ourselves of the most valuable part of the manifestation process.  The true significance of contrast is that it exposes the places within ourselves that are not yet internally in control with the external changes we desire to create. Quantum life coaching will guide us in taking steps to greater clarity and momentum.

The awareness that you’re not happy with your present position or career can be a powerful catalyst for changing the beliefs, self-concepts, and models of thought and behavior that are no longer in parallel with who you are at your core – or who you want to become. QSCA certified coaches can provide resources and support to guide you in the transformation period of your life.

Sometimes the need for change represents frustrations; at other times it shows evidence that nothing short of drastic action will ease us of our unhappiness. And yet our reaction after we’ve come to a realization like this has a tremendous impact on whether our next step will unfold naturally and easily, or with a lot of needless struggle. Through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, we will be enlightened and trained how to use difficult times and adversaries as catalysts toward realizing even higher levels of fulfillment.

At every moment and with every thought and emotion we send out, we are nurturing one of two realities:  a reality that we fear, or a reality that we desire.  Contrast is an enforcing summons to believe in ourselves and to continue working toward our success, and a Certified Quantum Success Coach will help us to hold firmly to our vision even when the present situation does not validate it.  It is to live with the confidence that when we lose our footing, we will find it again. 

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and a very promising career. If you’re considering this life changing career, join the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program to discover and hone your coaching potential to enter this field. Your career change can be a catalyst to a more rewarding and abundant life experience.

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