1. You are not specific enough.

You don’t have a clear vision or clear intention of what you want. You don’t really know why you want it or how will you feel once you’ve achieved this goal or attained your desire.

  1.  You share your idea or intention with people that shouldn’t be shared with.

When you think of a new manifestation, you think of something that is an idea in your mind. You think of something that you really excited to manifest. You need to treat that like a newborn baby that is very sensitive and has to be cared for. So just be really careful when you are sharing your manifestation. You might share it with the wrong people, who might say “Why are you doing that?” or “That doesn’t make sense” or any other negative comment (vibration).  All this negative energy can kill your newborn baby, because what it does is it gives doubt in yourself.   It could affect your own energy and then it could affect how you hold the energy for that manifestation.  

  1.  Your energy is divided.  

You say you want something, but also your energy is saying that you don’t. There’s doubt there. There’s a contradiction. Maybe you want to find your ideal partner, but part of you is scared and anxious that if you actually find the ideal partner that you are going to be hurt. When you have split energy… your energy is going in all different directions, the universe doesn’t know how to support you. The energy is dissipated.  

Remember, the universe is always supporting you. It’s supporting you by the vibrations that you send out.  Watch yourself and get yourself back into alignment so the universe can then bring you more of the same.   Life Coach Training with QSCA will support you to clearly define your desire, identify what’s holding you back and move forward with greater momentum and confidence. QSCA certified coaches can hold your manifestation in a high vibrational place that truly see your vision and can see you manifesting it—that allows you to step in and know your own power in that space.  Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program will guide you to continue refine your energy, so that you’re in alignment with what you do want—to manifest quickly and easily.

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